No Cavity Club

We know that sometimes children need a little bit of an incentive to take care of their teeth on a regular basis. That’s why we created the No Cavity Super Kids Club. If children come for their regular six-month exam and they don’t have any cavities, we will enter them into a contest where they could potentially win a prize, such as an Xbox.

No Cavity Super Kids' Club

Here’s how it works:

  1. Brush and floss regularly at home.
  2. Come in for your regular cleaning and exam and have no cavities.
  3. Enter the child’s name on the drawing entry form and drop it into the bucket.
  4. Receive your special No-Cavity Super Kids Club gift.*
  5. Grab a prop, take a pic, and share to social media. Please tag us in your post.
  6. One winner at each office location will be selected every month.

Children love this program because they get the possibility of winning a prize and they get recognition for doing a good job. We want children to have a good experience when they visit, and it’s our top priority. Let us show your kids how fun it can be to visit Pediatric Dentistry!

*One gift per child is given the first time the qualify for the No-Cavity Super Kids Club. We strongly recommend children bring their gift back to future appointments so we know they are members of the club.