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As pediatric specialists, we want your children’s dental health to begin the right way. Beginning your children’s oral care early stops more severe problems from developing in the future when they get to adulthood. At Pediatric Dentistry of Wyoming, we offer child-specific services so that every child can have the most enjoyable time possible while we take care of them and their teeth. Come check out our Cheyenne location today and take your child to a dentist who knows exactly what children need!

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Cheyenne, WY 82009
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Meet Our Cheyenne Team


Front Desk

Kaylee is a native of Cheyenne and finds family to be the most important thing in her life. She enjoys any kind of Mexican food as long as there are chips and salsa on the table. Her child, cat and dog bring much joy to her life. If given the opportunity, Kaylee would love a beach vacation with her family anytime and anywhere.


Front Desk

At the office, Kim enjoys working with patients and creating an environment for kids to leave with a smile. There is never a dull moment at home with her two children, two cats and two dogs. In her free time, her family picks up take-out and enjoys taking it to the park for family picnics. She appreciates Cheyenne’s small-town atmosphere and easy way of life. Kim considers time spent with her family to be her perfect kind of day.


Administrative Assistant

Lori is a lover of 80s for the music and if she had a “walk out” song it would be Dreamer by Ozzy Osborne. Her favorite local restaurant is 2 Doors Down where she indulges on the Teriyaki Burger. Lori loves Cheyenne because her family lives here and she gets to “do life” with them. As part of her work for Pediatric Dentistry, Lori enjoys figuring out insurance claims and helping patients in the financial side.


Front Office

Jonnette is a familiar friendly face in the office with almost 4 decades with the practice. She loves Cheyenne for the nice weather, lack of bugs and the family friendly town environment. Jonnette is blessed with four children and seeing them smile makes her smile. On her dream vacation, you can find her on a beach listening to the crashing waves while her toes are in the warm sand.


Dental Hygienist

Dani finds joy in working with children because  she feels they are so funny, even without trying to be! She has a heart for educating her patients about good oral care so they can carry the habit into their future. On a day off, Dani likes to drive without a destination and gets lost in the journey. Cheyenne is full of things she loves: her Pediatric Dentistry work crew, her family,  friends, and her American Bulldog named Kratos. Dani is a foodie at heart and enjoys delicious food and would recommend Tortilla Factory to anyone who was visiting Cheyenne. Dani’s dream day (if finances were unlimited) would consist of bringing her Pinterest board to life in her home. while listening to Queen (because who doesn’t love Queen).


Dental Hygienist

Whether she is disco-dancing with her kids to “Hey Look Ma, I Made it” or using her green thumb to cultivate her backyard garden, Tracey looks for the simple joys in life. She loves working with all the fabulous people in the office and enjoys all the different personalities of the kiddos that come into the office. On occasion, you will catch Tracy at Anong Thai Cuisine, delighting in their Thai spicy fried rice dish.


Dental Assistant

Abby loves the way her co-workers are more like teammates and always have one another’s backs. If she had it her way, 50’s fashion and music would make a comeback and she would be the first poodle-skirt gal at the soda fountain jamming to the juke box! At work, she is grateful for endless possibilities Cheyenne gives her to grow as a person. Whether she is loving on her 10 nieces and nephews or her kitty Lola, Abby has a lot of love to give! She looks forward to caring for her patients with that loving heart! 


Dental Assistant

Johanna is the proud mom of two children and four dogs, who compel her to smile and remember the simple joys in life. She loves working with children because of all the different personalities that walk into the office. She can agree with most of our patients as she has a dislike of lima beans and a fear of aliens.  Johanna loves that Cheyenne it’s not a big city, yet it’s close to Denver, where she enjoys exploring. She loves to take her children to eat at Wasabi and probably is playing some 80’s music in the car.


Dental Assistant

Nicole loves watching her patients grow with each appointment. It’s rewarding to her to assist in making patients feel comfortable in the dental office. Her four children and her flat-faced cat, Gordon, bring joy to her heart by their sense of humor and enduring charm. She loves Cheyenne for its family-friendly environment. When craving take-out, Nicole goes for Wasabi’s fried rice because to her it’s hands down the best!


Dental Assistant

Michelle is a mom of three children who love to make her laugh and tell her jokes. Her favorite part of her job is working with the little smiles. She finds fulfillment by helping them ease their fear of the dentist and creating a happy environment. If Michelle could take a trip with all expenses paid, she would take her family to Disney World and pay to have the park to themselves! Michelle’s go-to restaurant is RnB Breakfast Club where she enjoys some country fried steak and eggs.


Dental Assistant

A highlight of Morgin’s role in the office is the ability to do a variety of tasks while helping kiddos. When she is not in her scrubs, Morgin is enjoying time with her little ones, while sipping on a cup of coffee. She loves that Cheyenne is close to the mountains of Colorado and appreciates the beauty of nature. Some random facts that Morgins patients can relate to: her love of TACOS and hatred of spiders and bugs.


Dental Assistant

It is Ro’s goal for her Pediatric Dentistry patients to have a fun and pleasant visit in the office. Her pride and joy are her three children, who are a mix of passionate and humorous kiddos. Ro loves Guadalajara Mexican restaurant and claims you can taste the love in the tortilla soup! As the oldest of five, Ro values family and that is why she loves the charming, family friendly community of Cheyenne.